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Is it Recommended to Eat Before Bed?

Eating before Sleep
February 14, 2017

How bad is it to eat before bed?

Imagine that you’re getting ready to sleep but something is stopping you. You would like to eat something just before you go to bed, but you don’t know if you’re allowed to. Should you grab a bite or just sleep without eating anything. Of course, the only thing that’s stopping you is that famous assumption: “If you eat before sleep, you will definitely gain weight.” The purpose of this article is to properly explain you that phenomena, how it manifests and do let you know if it’s applicable in every particular case.

There had been many debates regarding eating before sleep and none of them were conclusive. Some nutritionists are saying that night-eating is dangerous for your weight and some are saying that it doesn’t really matter when you eat, as long as you have a balanced lifestyle. So what should we believe? Well, our opinion is that the answer is not the same for every individual and it depends on each person. Bellow, we will focus on both allegations and we will present you some actual effects of grabbing a night-snack.


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It may curb your appetite

A very interesting hypothesis is saying that night-eating won’t cause you any weigh gain. In fact, it will actually help you lose weight. If you’re a person who likes to treat itself with a snack after dinner, like a bowl of cereals or some vegetables, you will actually control your desire for eating before going to bed or having an overnight snack. In order to support this scenario, the specialists organized a study.

The 4 week study included only night-snackers, who ate a bowl of cereal every evening, 90 minutes after dinner. After this change, they started losing around 0.84 kilograms (1.85 pounds), just by doing this change. So yes, this study proved that by adding a small night-snack, you will be able to curve your appetite and to eat less that you would in a normal context. Its results are promising and you can record a significant weight loss, on the long run.

It will improve your sleep

There is no conclusive test to support this hypothesis but there are many people saying that they sleep better after they grab a bite. Also, it prevents them from waking up over night and eat something, because they cannot endure the hunger. This is very logical and we can understand that nighttime eating may allow you to feel satisfied during night and to have a good sleep. And we all know that sleep deprivation leads to a slower metabolism and inevitably, to a weight gain. So yes, if you’re feeling hungry before going to sleep, you should eat a little something, as long as you don’t exaggerate with the quantities.

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What should you eat?

By now, we’ve established that eating before going to bed is not entirely wrong, as long as you limit your portions. But what exactly should you eat in order to feel satisfied and keep your weight under control in the same time? Our most recommended foods are:

  • – Some apple slices or peanut butter
  • – Any vegetables that you could think of
  • – Dark chocolate or berries
  • – Salty snacks (nuts, peanuts, seeds)

There are however, some foods that you need to avoid at all costs:

– Every food that’s rich in sugar (candies, ice cream, pie, regular chocolate)
– Junk foods (chips, popcorn)
– Any type of saturated fats

Staying away from these edibles is extremely important because, by consuming them, you could easily exceed your daily calorie income. Eating before bed is not entirely wrong, but if you consume these high-calorie foods you will totally ruin your silhouette. That’s why, you should try to curve your appetite with as little calories as possible.


As you can see, eating before bed can or cannot influence your weight. There are so many accountable factors like your daily lifestyle, habits and other activities. The golden rule in night eating is to keep yourself away from any unhealthy or fat foods and to limit your calorie income. If you developed a night eating habit, you should try to stop it or replace it with another activity.

Imagine that the hunger is just in your mind and you don’t really need to eat. Or find a balanced diet with few calories and stick to it. See how it goes for at least one month and if you’re losing weight, great, you just found your perfect diet.

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