Alcoholic Drinks
ItemCaloriesFat GramCarbohydrate GramSize
Wine, port86062 ounces
Wine, dessert130010.043 ounces
Wine, rose9003.11 wine glass (4 ounces)
Wine, white8601.71 wine glass (4 ounces)
Wine, red9101.71 wine glass (4 ounces)
Liqueur, creme de menthe (72 proof)1250.1141 ounce
Liqueur, coffee (53 proof)1170.116.31 ounce
Distilled gin, rum, vodka, & whiskey (80 proof)65001 ounce
Beer, non-alcoholic60 to 90 (depending on brand)012 to 16 (depending on brand)12-ounce can or bottle
Beer, regular144011.912-ounce can or bottle
Beer, light11006.912-ounce can or bottle
ItemCaloriesFat GramCarbohydrate GramSize
T-Bone Steak (broiled or grilled)502.101 ounce
Tenderloin Steak or Roast (broiled or grilled)511.901 ounce
Sirloin Steak, lean (broiled or grilled)531.901 ounce
Porterhouse Steak, prime grade (broiled or grilled)552.501 ounce
Flank Steak (broiled or grilled)431.701 ounce
Pepperoni1481301 ounce
Ground Beef, lean (raw)120094.401 ounce
Ground Beef, extra lean (raw)105676.8016 ounces (1 pound)
Ground Beef, extra lean (raw)664.801 ounce
Frankfurter, Beef18416.81.41 each
Beef Shank, shank crosscuts, trimmed to 1/4-inch fat (raw)502.801 beef shank
ItemCaloriesFat GramCarbohydrate GramSize
Fillo (Phyllo) Sheets32 16016.2 311 sheet (9"x14" sheet) 5 sheets
Spring Roll Skins or Wrappers (Rice Paper)2001412 ounces
Pita Bread, white, whole wheat1502281 (6.5" diameter)
Eggroll Wrapper2304.51 each
Bread Crumbs, plain (dry)1201231 cup
Bread, very thin sliced (diet)400.581 slice
Bread, French and Sourdough88116.61 slice (1 ounce)
Breads, all types, regular sliced60 to 801131 slice (1 ounce)
Bagel, sesame3504.5691 bagel
Bagel, onion3301741 bagel
Bagel, egg3301.5691 bagel
Bagel, cinnamon raisin3502761 bagel
Bagel, plain3201711 bagel
ItemCaloriesFat GramCarbohydrate GramSize
Shredded Wheat156.40.62 biscuits
Raisin Bran1861.51 cup
Rolled Oats (Oatmeal)1452.31 cup cooked
Rice Krispies124.40.41 1/4 cups
Kashi, puffed9013/4 cup
Grape Nuts2081.11/2 cup
Frosted Flakes119.20.23/4 cup
Corn Grits, white1400.51/4 cup uncooked
Corn Flakes1000.2241 cup
Cheerios109.51.81 cup
All Bran79.20.91/2 cup
ItemCaloriesFat GramCarbohydrate GramSize
Swiss100711 ounce
Roquefort1028.90.61 ounce
Parmesan Cheese1117.30.91 ounce
Monterey Jack10690.21 ounce
Havarti11710.40.31 ounce
Gouda10180.61 ounce
Gorgonzota1099.61 ounce
Goat Cheese (Chevre)887.11 ounce
Edam Cheese1017.90.41 ounce
Cream Cheese, fat-free27021 ounce
Cottage Cheese, fat-free70031/2 cup
Cottage Cheese, 2% low-fat100241/2 cup
Cottage Cheese, regular117541/2 cup
Cheddar, low fat80501 ounce
Cheddar, regular1149.40.41 ounce
Camembert12211.90.11 ounce
Brie8570.11 ounce
Blue Cheese, Danish1008.10.71 ounce
America, processed10690.51 ounce
ItemCaloriesFat GramCarbohydrate GramSize
Chocolate Syrup, light500122 tablespoons
Chocolate Syrup, fudge-type1333242 tablespoons
Chocolate, unsweetened (baking)1351591 ounce
Chocolate, white16210.5151 ounce
Chocolate, extra dark, 82%18013121 ounce
Chocolate, dark, 70%,17012141 ounce
Chocolate, 62%, semi-sweet1409171 ounce
Coffee Drinks - Starbucks Coffee
ItemCaloriesFat GramCarbohydrate GramSize
Starbucks, Cappuccino, whole milk150816 fluid ounces
Starbucks, Caffe Mocha, whole milk, whip4002216 fluid ounces
Starbucks, Caffe Americano, whole milk15016 fluid ounces
Starbucks, Caffe au Lait, whole milk140816 fluid ounces
Starbucks, Caffe Latte, whole milk2601416 fluid ounces
Starbucks, Caffe Latte, non-fat milk16516 fluid ounces
Starbucks, Carmel Frappuccino Coffee only26016 fluid ounces
Starbucks, Carmel Frappuccino Coffee, whip43016 fluid ounces
Starbucks, Carmel Frappuccino Coffee, no whip28016 fluid ounces