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Raw food Diet
January 17, 2017

The raw diet is an interesting approach of all the existing diets. It became popular after it was followed by many Hollywood figures. Woody Harrelson, Donna Karan and many other celebrities are using this diet, which is considered a real “back to the future” nutritional therapy.

The idea behind this diet is simple. The creators are considering that our highly processed, modern food is responsible for many diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and many other.

Also, the proponents are considering that when you cook a food, you’re destroying the most important enzymes and nutritive substances of that aliment. Some of the enzymes are extremely important for a proper digestion and the only way to benefit from them is to serve your vegetables raw.

How does it work?

As you might imagine, this diet brings back the old traditions of serving your vegetables raw, without being cooked. This diet strictly applies for vegetables, but it doesn’t imply that your food will always be cold. There are plenty of delicious soup recipes, which will help you prepare a delicious meal, using the raw food rules.

The raw food diets allows you to heat your food up to 116 degrees F, to dehydrate it and mix it with a shaker, into juice. The composition can be mixed with pesto, olives or any other vegetables rich in fibers.


However, meat, milk, eggs or any other form of animal proteins are totally forbidden. All the protein income must be vegetable, from seeds, nuts, legumes or soy products. The raw food diet has no limit, when it comes to the consumed calories. You can eat as much as you like, as long as your food is raw and vegetarian.

A list of the approved foods

  • – Fresh vegetables and fruits
  • – Seeds
  • – Nuts
  • – Legumes
  • – Grains
  • – Seaweed
  • – Beans
  • – Young coconut milk
  • – Any type of commercial food snacks
  • – All the juice made from the above fruits or vegetables

This list is not 100% mandatory and some exceptions are allowed, from time to time. Like we mentioned before, the food should not be cooked at more than 116 degrees F. However, you can make yourself some pasta or a baked potato if you’re craving for it. Just not too often.

If you want to diversify the diet, you can add beans, grains or some sprouting seeds in your current meal, to make it more crunchy. If you care for a snack, there are many recipes for raw crackers as well.

Debates and controversy

The Raw Food Diet was a topic for many discussions among different specialists from around the world. Even if not all of them are approving it, they agree on something. Every nutritionist agrees that highly processed food is “responsible” for some of the most common diseases. The excess of calories, sugar or saturated fat are not bad only for our silhouette but also for our health.

The Raw Food Diet is low in saturated fat, sugar and sodium and it’s rich in beneficial substances like potassium, magnesium, fibers and natural antioxidants. Overall, this diet represents a healthy way of loosing weight.

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