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The Mediterranean Diet: Some Interesting Facts

About Mediterranean Diet
February 22, 2017

People are always looking for sources of inspiration, regarding new diets. In our continuous chase, we often focus on some diets from other countries.

A very interesting diet, which is gaining more and more popularity, is the Mediterranean Diet. This diet has many advantages and when you take a closer look at it, you will notice that it’s pretty fun to follow. For example, this diet requires a high consumption of monounsaturated fats and red wine.


This diet is actually followed by those who live in the Mediterranean and they present a lower risk of any high blood pressure or any kind of heart conditions.
If you’re still not convinced that this diet is actually followed by a lot of people, you should know that celebrities like Penelope Cruz, Rachel Ray or John Goodman are following this diet. They managed to lose weight and now they are living a healthy lifestyle with it.


The main concept of this diet is that if you consume red wine and olive oil, you will lower the chance of any heart disease and you will also fight obesity. People who lived in Greece and Italy, were always healthier and presented lower risk of common conditions like heart attack or stroke.


Unlike people from America and the rest of Europe, they were significantly healthier. Of course that the Mediterranean diet varies, depending on the country or by different economical, social or cultural premises. However, there is one main concept, which is present in every variation of this diet and that is the olive oil.


How does this diet works?

When you’ll first read about the Mediterranean diet, you will notice a small contradiction. The diet says that in order to be healthy, you have to eat more mono-saturated fats. However, the nutritionists are saying that fats are bad for your health and you should avoid them. Well, things are a bit more complicated than that.
The Mediterranean diet bases on the fact that your body will need fats, in order to function properly. This diet contains only unsaturated fats, which not only that are beneficial for your health, but they also counteract the animal fats. Monounsaturated fats will also help you adjust your cholesterol level and will ensure a proper blood flow.
The red wine is also a main feature of this diet and it’s extremely helpful against any heart conditions. This beverage contains resveratrol, a natural phenol which is ideal in preventing any heart failure.


Main characteristics of the Mediterranean Diet

As we’ve mentioned before, the Mediterranean Diet implies a high consumption of olive oil, which is dominant in most of the Mediterranean meals. From there, the diet may present some variations, depending on each region or country. Even though the menu can vary, the Mediterranean Diet shares the same characteristics:

  • – Consume a lot of olive oil and any kind of monounsaturated fats
  • – Eat many fruits, vegetables, cereals, bread. Focus on things like seeds, beans, nuts or pasta.
  • – Eat fish or poultry on moderate amounts.
  • – Eat diary, cheese or Greek yogurt but in moderate amounts
  • – Drink red wine (Only one glass per day).
  • – Eat potatoes, yams or turnips but in moderate amounts.
  • – Limit the consumption of red meat and eggs but don’t cut them out completely from your diet.

Current studies of the Mediterranean Diet

The statistics are speaking for themselves. They are showing us that the Mediterranean countries, confront with less incidents of heart diseases, among their inhabitants. For example, countries like France or Italy, have significantly lower cases of people with heart conditions than USA or Russia. This phenomenon may occur even because the French people are living a healthier lifestyle than the Americans.
Considering that the Mediterranean Diet is extremely popular in the USA, the American Heart Association is carefully investigating its results.

It appears that the dieters consume a lower quantity of saturated fats and this is clearly reflected in their health status.

According to a New England Journal of Medicine study, people who followed the Mediterranean Diet, presented a 30% reduced risk of any heart related disease or stroke.


The Mediterranean Diet is a tasteful and healthy alternative, which will help you lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. More than that, it’s not very costly and you can find the needed ingredients in every supermarket. Its monounsaturated fats make it easy to follow and you won’t be hungry with it. Try it for yourself and see if it will help you.

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